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Just a little bit about myself… About Sue

I fall into the mature age range and am currently a registered pharmacist in Singapore and Australia.

I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for most of my career and most recently also in the aesthethic medical devices and cosmetic medicine industry during which time I have gained a lot of knowledge about cosmeceuticals and aesthetic products.

It’s only human that we are all born with some degree of vanity, though some more than others. 🙂  However, for some of us who aren’t blessed with naturally good complexions, it may take a little extra effort to care for our skin.

Regretfully, I am one who has personally suffered from the harmful effects of dry weather conditions and sun damage to my skin in my younger days and the harmful effects of dry weather conditions having been brought up in a sunny tropical environment and now living in a country that has temperate climate and a depleted ozone layer.

Much to my secret envy, many of my friends who are at my age have beautifully younger looking skin than I do.  But I was to learn that it does come with a high price tag, paying for expensive branded skincare products and frequent visits to their dermatologists or plastic surgeons for professional advice and regular treatment procedures.  :0

Purpose of this site

Being in this industry has its benefits.  I have friends who are pharmacists and doctors specialized in the field of medical aesthetics.  So you could say I have first-hand knowledge about which products they personally use, what works well for what skin problems and what they usually prescribe for their patients.

Chemical peels are fast becoming a popular treatment for various skin conditions.  And  to my surprise I found out that there are some who use their own homemade chemical peels or buy their chemical peels on the internet and do their own chemical peels at home.

Although relatively safe to use, all chemicals can have side effects if not used in the proper way.  Hence, one of the the objectives of my site is firstly to educate about the benefits and safe use of chemical peels.

Apart from that, I strongly believe that proper skincare regime also plays a very important part in achieving and maintaining a good skin, good hydration and protection from the sun’s UV radiation being of primary importance.

So it is my goal to also provide some good old simple and common sense tips about how to care for our skin.  In my review section, I will also be recommending medically endorsed products based on evaluation of the ingredients and their benefits.  I hope to help you save money and not waste it on glossy advertised cosmetic brand skincare products!

People say that we are what we eat.  And that also rings true not only in terms of our general health but the condition of our skin as well.  So I would also like to discuss how food may have impact on the health of our skin.

I would also love to hear from you!

If you are a medical aesthetician  reading this, I would welcome any appropriate articles or case study (before and after) contributions for publication within this site.

I also look forward to receiving any comments about this site and welcome any suggestions on how I can improve on it to make it a better one.

Please feel free to comment below or contact me via e-mail.











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