Sun Protection In Winter

As we are now in the middle of a very cold winter here in Australia, when the sun is not shining most of the time, its quite easy to forget that we still need sun protection in winter.

During the colder months, it is just as important to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels that can harm your skin and put you at risk of developing skin cancers including the most deadly form, melanoma.

Up to 80% of UV rays penetrate the clouds.  So even if it’s an overcast day or foggy, we can still be exposed to dangerous UV levels.  It’s concerning that a very high percentage of people surveyed risk skin cancer by ignoring health warnings to wear sunscreen during the winter months.

Sun protection is needed when the UV Index is 3 or above.  In the northern parts of Australia, the UV Index is above 3 all year round.  In the southern states, it tends to be less during winter months, but if you are outdoors for long periods, or at high altitudes, then sun protection is a must.

In Australia, the incidence of skin cancer is the highest in the world.  Almost all skin cancers are caused by UV exposure, but is largely preventable.  So it’s important to remember to take simple steps to lower the risk of skin cancer – slip, slop, slap, seek and slide.

Why You Need Sunscreen in Winter

  • Snow makes the sun’s rays stronger and reflects 80% of the UV rays back at your skin.  If you are around snow or ice, even on lower elevations, it is important to wear sunscreen.
  • The sun is stronger at higher altitudes.  So if you are skiing or snowboarding, you are more likely to get sunburnt or experience sun damage.  Sunscreen should be applied on exposed areas before and during a day out on the slopes.
  • Dermatologists note that most women do not apply enough make up to adequately protect their skin.  A broad-spectrum sunscreen can be applied to protect the face under makeup.
  • Dry skin can be more susceptible to sun damage.  Often in winter, our skin dries out because of heated environments and also the wintry winds.  So it is especially important to protect youe skin in the colder months.
  • Look after your skin in winter by using a sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ to protect your skin everyday.

Sun Protection for Lips in Winter

In the colder months, you should also protect your lips from the ravages of winter by using products made specially to care for the fine skin on your lips.  Lip conditioners with SPF provides daily conditioning treatment to protect from the sun, wind and cold, to prevent and relieve dry lips.  If you are heading to the snowfields this winter, be sure to bring some along.

Lipaid Suncare Lip Balm

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