VCi High Potency Glycolic Acid Peel for Active Acne

In studies performed on patients with acne, chemical peels performed with glycolic acid 70% solution for 2 to 8 minutes have produced rapid improvement in comedonic acne, in he papulopustular forms.

An average of 6 applications was necessary.  Although nodular-cystic forms required 8 to 10 applications, a significant improvement of the co-existing post-acne superficial scarring was noted.

The procedure was well tolerated and patient compliance was excellent.  In the treatment of atrophic acne scars, repetitive glycolic acid peels (at least 6 times) at 70% concentration are used to obtain evident improvement.

Long-term daily use of low-strength glycolic acid products at 8 to15% may also have some useful effects on scars and may be recommended for patients who cannot tolerate the peeling procedure.

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